Journey to Engagement | Blake & Nickie

Journey to Engagement | Blake & Nickie

Bezeled and Cut Just for Nickie

Blake knew Nickie was the one, but he struggled to find the right ring design to represent Nickie and match her style. He engaged Edelweiss and found it immediately encouraging that Edelweiss was the right partner to take what was in his imagination and turn it into an exceptional piece of jewelry.

Bezel-set Rose Cut Diamond Concave Yellow Gold Ring 

What was your favorite part about working with Edelweiss?

“Taking what I saw in my mind’s eye, and seeing that translated in a drawing, then a rendering, and then finally to opening that box and seeing the real thing was something truly special. I knew I had created something that would connect with Nickie and it was undeniably a ring made only for her.”

Edelweiss is proud to have been a part of Blake & Nickie's journey.

What makes the piece so special to you? 

“Nickie's middle name Rose, so it was a natural choice to go with a rose-cut diamond, but only Edelweiss was able to come up with a custom design that excited me.” 

Creating Blake & Nickie's Ring 

Why do you recommend working with Edelweiss? 

“Edelweiss never tried to sell me anything. I was able to make comfortable decisions from start to finish and never once doubted the direction of the journey.” 

Fun Fact: Bezel-set refers to the setting of a gem with a metal rim surrounding the stone where the rim's lip overlaps the edges of the stone, thus holding it in place.

Edelweiss supported Blake through his journey of finding his dream ring. We worked with his budget and helped him translate his concept into a one of a kind masterpiece by using sketches and renderings. Once the design was finalized, our master jewelers crafted the ring in our New York City workshop. We are proud to be a part of their love story.