Journey to a Treasure | Mary & Jack

Journey to a Treasure | Mary & Jack

Turning an Heirloom Into a Ring They Can Cherish

Mary’s mother passed away and she inherited her mother’s engagement ring. Mary had an engagement ring but wanted to still honor the inheritance vs letting it collect dust in a jewelry box. Jack, Mary’s husband, knew both rings were important to Mary and always planned to upgrade her engagement ring. Jack sought after a Jeweler he could trust to learn what was possible in building on the legacies of Mary’s mom and his marriage to Mary.

The Round Diamond Rose Motif Ring

Mary & Jack's final ring; an heirloom to be.  

What was your favorite part of working with Edelweiss?

“The fact that we did not have to go to a store was imperative. We were able to have direct input into the design with Edelweiss’ expert advice to guide us and that any and all changes were clear and easily viewed electronically. NO gimmicks as the finished product was exactly as we wanted it to be.”

From Idea to Sketch 

We work with you to bring your vision to life.

What makes the piece so special to you? 

“Our particular piece was a combination of my husband's desire to update our engagement ring. (He had limited funds when he proposed and often said in later years he wanted to give me a better one. I always refused as I loved my ring and what it represented) and my desire to do something with my mother's engagement ring which I received upon her death (I didn't want it to sit in a drawer). The design Edelweiss came up with with my husband was perfect! It resembled the shape of flowers which my mother and I love and I still have my original engagement ring and my Mom's on my hand to remind me of my loving husband and Mother every day.”


From Concept to Creation
Edelweiss Hand-sketched out Mary's & Jack's Ring Design before they purchased

Why do you recommend working with Edelweiss? 

“They have the unique ability to create a piece of jewelry that has special meaning for anyone at a very reasonable price for top quality. The customer does not have to create meaning into a piece bought off the shelf. It is such a wonderful way to keep family gifts/inheritances meaningful to the receiver, but also in a fashion that fits the receiver's taste. I bet many have pieces in their drawers that were given to them by someone significant that would like to wear them but they are outdated settings or just not to their taste (ex. pins were redone to be rings, Necklaces made in rings, and/or visa versa). Edelweiss is a great way to combine memories, individual fashion tastes, and wearability.”

Hand Sketched Jewelry from Concept to Creation

Fun Fact: 57% of consumers have a piece of jewelry that was passed down to them as a family heirloom.

Edelweiss supported Jack and Mary through their journey of finding a new home for both engagement rings. We worked with Jack’s budget and helped him translate his desires into a one of a kind masterpiece by using sketches and renderings to make the design come to life. Once the design was finalized, our master jewelers crafted the ring in our New York City workshop. We are proud to be a part of their love story.