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Each piece is handmade by Edelweiss master jewelers with 35+ years’ experience. All gemstones are certified and sourced ethically and sustainably.

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Without compromising quality our direct to consumer model saves you 30%+ or more from luxury retailers. Additional savings include renting or using lab grown diamonds to reach savings of 50%+.

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Never limited by inventory, Edelweiss experts will work with you to create and edit any timeless or bespoke designs until perfect.

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Build on your legacy by resetting, redesigning and reimagining.

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“I loved this Tiffany & Co. ring, but they wouldn't make the customizations I wanted and the price was well above my budget. So, I uploaded a picture and described what I wanted to Edelweiss and they delivered the perfect piece on budget in 2 weeks.”

— Chris G. & Anna H. New York, New York USA
I fell in love with my ring instantly, and so did my friends. My friends and I all have similar designs, but its clear that I did not go to Blue Nile or James Allen like they did. The Edelweiss ring looks like art comparatively!”
Susan H. & Dave C.
Atlanta, Ga. USA
“My mother passed away and I inherited her engagement ring. I knew when I wanted to propose I wanted to use this ring. Most of the jewelers I went to would not accept working on an heirloom piece. Once I got in touch with Edelweiss everything changed. I worked with them on designs as I traveled for work and was able to build on our family's legacy with a one of a kind engagement ring. Thanks Edelweiss!”
Steven S. & Katie H.
Chicago, Il. USA
“I was looking at 3ct diamond rings. I knew quality mattered, but I was dismayed looking for rings that fit my budget at well known luxury brands. I uploaded what I wanted to Edelweiss and within a few days I received three design options that fit my budget. They helped me get my dream ring!”
Greg J. & Tina Y.
San Francisco, Ca. USA

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