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  • Customer Story: Kristine & Andy

    Customer Story: Kristine & Andy

    Through his own investigative research, Andy discovered that Kristine wanted an oval diamond and preferred pavé settings. Andy worked with Edelweiss to come up with a special "split-shank" pavé setting...

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  • Customer Story | Mary & Jack...

    Mary’s mother passed away and she inherited her mother’s engagement ring. Mary had an engagement ring, but wanted to still honor the inheritance vs letting it collect dust in a...

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    Customer Story | Mary & Jack
  • Customer Story: Blake & Nickie

    Customer Story: Blake & Nickie

    Blake knew Nickie was the one, but he struggled finding the right ring the memorialize his love for her. He engaged edelweiss and found it immediately encouraging that Edelweiss was...

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  • How to Buy an Engagement Ring...

    Faced with the endless choices available today, searching for the perfect engagement ring goes well beyond the “Four Cs.” For many grooms to be, an engagement ring is the first...

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    How to Buy an Engagement Ring Your Partner Will Love
  • Diamond Cuts: Ryan’s Picks

    Diamond Cuts: Ryan’s Picks

    Contrary to popular belief, a diamond “cut” isn’t its shape; it’s really the symmetry, proportion, and polish of the stone, which provides its brilliance and fire. And, a diamond’s cut...

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