Journey to Engagement | Garrett & Annie

Journey to Engagement | Garrett & Annie

Smooth Process to the Dream Ring

When Garrett started the search for Annie's perfect engagement ring, he never imagined the process would have been this easy. After his first meeting with Ryan, Co-Founder of Edelweiss, Garrett felt confident he had made the right decision. Ryan walked Garrett through what each step of the engagement process would be, so he knew what to expect. From there, Edelweiss worked with Garrett to design Annie, his bride-to-be, the ring of her dreams.

Garrett chose an Oval Brilliant Diamond Ring with Pavé Diamond Halo and Pavé Diamonds on the Band.

What was your favorite part of working with Edelweiss? 

"My favorite part about working with Edelweiss was how smooth the process was. I was a nervous wreck and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. But after my first chat with Ryan about what the process would look like, I was completely at ease and fully confident that Annie would get the ring of her dreams. And she totally did."

Edelweiss is proud to have been a-part of Garrett & Annie's story.

What makes this piece special to you?

"Annie had a very clear vision for what she wanted in her ring. And the moment she laid her eyes on it, I knew that Edelweiss had knocked it out of the park. Even today, when strangers stop her to comment on her ring, that same glow in her face shows up, and it's like I had just given it to her for the first time."

Why do you recommend working with Edelweiss? 

"Edelweiss turned a potentially stressful process into an exciting one, and I'm very grateful for their patience, expertise, and delivering the perfect ring for my bride-to-be."

A sneak peek of the design process.

Fun Fact: A 'Brilliant' cut is when a diamond has numerous facets so that it has exceptional brilliance. The shape typically resembles a cone to provide maximized light return through the top. That's just a fancy way for saying a brilliant cut is one of the sparkliest. 

Edelweiss supported Garrett through his journey of finding Annie her dream ring. We worked with his budget and helped him translate his concept into a one of a kind masterpiece by using sketches and renderings. Once the design was finalized, our master jewelers crafted the ring in our New York City workshop. We are proud to be a part of their love story.