How to Buy an Engagement Ring Your Partner Will Love

How to Buy an Engagement Ring Your Partner Will Love
Choices, Choices Everywhere

Faced with the endless choices available today, searching for the perfect engagement ring goes well beyond the “Four Cs.” For many grooms to be, an engagement ring is often the first significant purchase they make. How do you start? Where do you go? What should you know? How can you be confident in your choice?

The Long and Winding Road

Did you know that, on average, prospective grooms look at 26 engagement rings and spend three-and-a-half months doing so before selecting a piece? Well, it’s a daunting task – purchasing a ring for the one you love is a huge emotional and financial investment. Who do you trust in an opaque industry?

Jewelry Salesmen

Should you spend a lot for a little at Tiffany? Is it safe to deal with a wholesaler? What’s DeBeers, anyway? Is a natural stone better than a lab-grown stone? What about conflict-free stones? The list of questions and concerns only grows as you move on in the process.

And, for some, the experience is a lot less than they hoped for and filled with regret. For instance:

  • They spent more than they intended. An average of 29 percent of consumers spend more on an engagement ring than they budgeted.
  • The ring doesn’t look as fine as expected. About 86 percent of brides say that design is the most important aspect of an engagement ring, but grooms often don’t consider it.
  • They wished they understood the value of “custom” and focused less on price. Discount retailers such as Blue Nile, Brilliant Earth, and the like are discount online retailers that provide ready-made, mass-produced, standard designs often created abroad. They provide no flexibility or ability to customize an engagement ring.
  • The customer service experience was awkward and bothersome. Due to a lack of detailed knowledge, many consumers feel patronized and mislead during the selection and purchase process.

Round Diamond Ring

Don’t worry; there’s an upside. Fortunately, quite a few people have a good shopping experience and were thrilled with the end result. Aside from having a happy bride-to-be, consumers can enjoy a positive, straightforward sales experience and get exactly what they want. How?


A Choice You Can Trust

As you set about making this purchase of a lifetime, what should be one of the most joyous times can become stressful. It doesn’t have to be. Fortunately, Edelweiss provides a personal, simple, and worry-free experience in helping you create a beautiful ring as unique as the one you love.

Edelweiss Jewelry

Edelweiss was founded specifically to give consumers a better, less-frustrating option in creating bespoke jewelry. Ryan Karolak, Edelweiss’ co-founder, says, “Customers want transparent communication and access to exactly what they want. They aren’t swayed by branding or luxury names; they’re seeking an honest experience, quality, value, and personalized service.”

At the end of the day, prospective grooms want to know what they order will be what they get. Edelweiss sells only certified conflict-free, natural and lab-grown gemstones. All pieces are crafted in the company’s New York City workshop by master jewelers who collaborate with each client to create unique, truly custom jewelry. Nothing is outsourced or drop-shipped. 

Edelweiss is rare in that it provides a transparent, attentive service with a modern flair. It offers expert craftsmanship and value via its unique online design service, allowing clients to access magnificent designs at a fraction of the cost.

Ryan’s Advice

Whether you choose to work with Edelweiss or another jeweler, Ryan Karolak has some advice to help guarantee you’ll present a ring your future bride will love.

  • Do your research and understand how diamond sizes, qualities, and types affect overall price;
  • Take the time to learn what she likes (and wants) -- stone shape, metal, and general ring design;
  • Set your maximum budget and stick to it;
  • Begin the process by visiting jewelry stores and browsing, but do not purchase; and
  • Consult with custom jewelers like Edelweiss to discuss designs, and obtain sketches and price quotes for the piece you’d like to purchase. This is a great starting point in ensuring you’re getting the highest quality for your dollar, rather than just settling on a given dealer’s inventory.

How To Get Started?

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