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The Difference between Handmade vs. Casting Jewelry Explained

Written by Edelweiss Concierge


Posted on May 01 2018

Jewelry can be beautiful and extremely valuable, but many people don’t understand why. How it's designed, who makes it, and where it comes from determines real value. One of the biggest differences? Handmade jewelry vs. casting jewelry. Let us explain.



Handmade jewelry is, as its name suggests,  crafted by hand from start to finish. The crafting is in reference to  the creation of the ring itself (usually out of platinum or gold) as well as the prongs and setting, in which the diamond or gemstones are set. The advantage of handmade jewelry is you can do more but with less—producing a finer piece that is actually stronger. The disadvantage of buying handmade jewelry is that it's more expensive than mass produced casting jewelry.

Non-handmade jewelry, also known as casting jewelry is made from pouring liquid metal into pre-made molds. The advantage of casting jewelry is you can make more of them for less money. The disadvantage is there is a significant drop in quality.

Now, it's important to note that you can have really poorly made handmade jewelry and you can have really well made casting jewelry. But the key fact is that the best handmade jewelry is significantly better, rarer, more durable, and finer than the best casting jewelry.

In short, handmade jewelry requires less metal, and produces a stronger finished product. You can do more with less. With handmade, you are able to use the exact amount of metal necessary, which allows for sleek and delicate finished products. Interestingly, the handmade method also allows jewelers to make stronger jewelry, because the setting is sculpted around the exact dimensions of diamonds or gemstones in use. Since stones are always slightly different from one another, casting jewelry is built for flexibility and can work with a range of stones—as a result it has to use more metal and looks bulkier.


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I worked with Edelweiss on a custom engagement ring and custom wedding bands and could not possibly be happier. The engagement ring was meant to be a surprise, and Edelweiss helped me make design decisions that proved 100% perfect. I could not have pulled it off without them! They truly went above and beyond. When it came time to get the bands made, Edelweiss helped my fiance Harriet design an incredible custom ring. We could not be happier and recommend Edelweiss to all of our friends. I did not expect having custom jewelry made to be as simple as this process was.

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I worked with Edelweiss to design simple but unique wedding bands. Not only did Edelweiss produce exactly what I was looking for, the price was very reasonable compared to other high-end retailers in New York City. The bands came in a beautiful wooden box that we used during the ceremony.

Exceptional service and product

I was thrilled with my experience and the high quality of the final product. I worked with Edelweiss to design an understated diamond ring within my budget. The result was a stunning 18K yellow gold, bezel-set emerald cut diamond ring. Edelweiss provided artist sketches in advance of my order so I felt very comfortable about purchasing the custom piece. The item arrived in a beautiful presentation box within 3 weeks.

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We didn't know what to get our 6 sisters and our mothers as a gift for our wedding. We wanted to get them something meaningful and reached out to Edelweiss to see what they could do. They came up with a simple and creative idea to use our wedding colors, blue and green, and incorporate designs to make necklaces for the sisters and rings for the mothers. The process was simple, professional, and I couldn't believe how easy it was to design something with the help of their experts all from the comfort of my own home. Not to mention it was less expensive than any other jeweler. The result were stunning pieces that blew our sisters and mothers away. They all fondly remember our wedding when they put their blue and green jewelry on. Edelweiss really knows how to make a lifetime memory memorialized in personalized jewelry. I highly recommend them!

I can't believe no one knows about them!

In a wedding, jewelry is one of the few items that actually last a lifetime. So we wanted to make our wedding bands unique and special. All other jewelers offered the same pre-made designs and only offered etchings of a quote, date, or name as a personalization. Then I found Edelweiss. I worked hand in hand with an Edelweiss specialist to create a unique design that is personable and meaningful to me and my partner. We designed and created a first of its kind finger print pattern wedding band. Each wedding band adorned the fingerprint pattern created by their partner. The result was a stunning piece that looks like a classic ring from afar, but up close reveals the intimate details of our partners finger prints. Its a subtle but very meaningful reminder of the love we share and can symbolize how we are holding hands forever. Edelweiss service, quality, and price cannot be beat. I am a forever customer since they created a forever piece just for me.