The 5 Best Jewelry Blogs You Should Follow

The 5 Best Jewelry Blogs You Should Follow

Whether you are shopping for jewelry or just interested in the ins and out of the jewelry industry, these blogs give you a great look into some of the world’s finest jewelry—and are sure to inspire.



1. Gem Gossip 

Danielle Miele is one of the most thorough and passionate jewelry bloggers on the internet. She seems to be at all the major jewelry events and is meticulous in her coverage. Her website is filled with interesting, rich content on jewelry that ranges from museum-quality to every day. She is devoted to presenting the jewelry the right way.

    Jewels du Jour
    2. Jewels Du Jour - Your Daily Dose of Jewelry

    Jewels du Jour covers jewelry at the leading art and design fairs in a thorough and exciting way. Go here to learn what the top dealers are buying and selling, what's happening with global auction prices and most importantly, what great historic designs are for sale right now. 


    3. The Jewellery Editor
    London-based The Jewellery Editor explores some of the most notable jewelry for sale in the world.  
    4. Gem Obsessed
    Gem Obsessed focuses on jewelry trends, red carpet jewels, and profiles of jewelry designers. We think this is a great blog for custom jewelry inspiration!    
    5. Diamonds in the Library
    Diamonds in the library blends book reviews with jewelry presentation. This unique blog is a great source for jewelry inspiration and provides a wide variety of different types of jewelry design.
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