C100BT Turntable - Black


Ready to get more out of your vinyl? Take a turn with the new Crosley C100BT, the perfect turntable
for the daily vinyl listener who’s ready to upgrade their listening experience. Aspiring audiophiles will immediately notice the outstanding clarity of the high-performance Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge. The adjustable counterweight and smooth s-shaped curve of the aluminum tonearm will get you in the groove with ease, and the low-vibration synchronous motor and vibration control feet ensure smooth play every single time. Keep your records pristine and dust-free with the clear plastic cover (and it’s easily removable if that’s your thing). You can easily connect to your favorite wireless speaker with the Bluetooth out function or use the switchable built-in preamp to plug into any stereo or powered speaker system. No matter which option you choose, just prepare to be blown away by the sound of the C100BT.

  • Unit (L x W x H) = 13.78 x 17.72 x 5.71
  • Unit Weight (Lbs) = 8.82


  • NP-14 Needle
  • 2-Speed Turntable
  • Bluetooth® Out
  • Belt-Drive Motor
  • Adjustable Tonearm Counterweight
  • Adjustable Anti-Skate
  • Adjustable Pitch Control
  • Low-Vibration Synchronous Motor
  • Aluminum Platter
  • Aluminum Tonearm
  • Switchable Preamp
  • Vibration Control Feet
  • Platter Strobe
  • Cueing Lever
  • Removable Headshell
  • Clear Dust Cover
  • Audio-Technica AT95E Cartridge
  • 12v - 500mA Power Adapter

This item comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase

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