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Edelweiss Platform for Brands

Empowering brands and influencers to sell world class jewelry and focus on their customers.

E-Commerce Plugin

What you get: White-labeled, curated jewelry gallery with branded URL to share on your channels.

What we do: Manage fulfillment and delivery of all ready to buy items.

The benefit: Brand new revenue stream with zero investment

Exclusive Collection

What you get: Interactive jewelry gallery with products designed completely by you, offered in limited editions.

What we do: we help you design the perfect piece for your brand and your customers.

The benefit: No risk, high reward. We do not produce anything physically until it is sold, so you can try this out for free.

Edelweiss Journey

What you get: Branded interactive custom design experience to offer to your VIP customers looking for something extra special.

What we do: Manage design, fulfillment, and delivery of custom items.

The benefit: Increased sales and ability to develop deeper relationship with customers