Edelweiss' Friends & Partners

Edelweiss for Zola

High Jewelry on Zola's New Wedding Shop

Zola - known for their leading wedding registry website in the U.S. - brought together the top brands in fashion, jewelry, decor, and more, so you can bring your dream wedding to life. Edelweiss is the High Jeweler on Zola's Wedding Shop, providing made-to-order, handmade masterpieces of jeweler at very approachable prices.

Edelweiss on Pietra

Edelweiss Provides High-End Jewelry on Pietra Marketplace

Pietra is a marketplace that connects the world’s best jewelers and jewelry designers with people looking to create their own custom fine jewelry. Pietra brought Edelweiss onto their marketplace as a source for custom engagement rings and jewelry of the highest quality.

Edelweiss & The Yes Girls

Custom, Personal, Meaningful

The Yes Girls are a team of creative proposal planners and romance experts that’ll help personalize your marriage proposal, tie your ideas together, and coordinate the event. "TYG" and Edelweiss have a similar approach to business, both with a focus on custom and personal.

Carats & Cake Preferred Jeweler

Bespoke Jewelry, Unmatched Price

Carats & Cake is the premier network representing the best of the wedding industry. Carats & Cake features Edelweiss as one of the best custom jewelers available for your wedding jewelry.

Edelweiss is Accredited

Better Business Bureau

BBB Accreditation signifies trust and integrity, and an unwavering commitment to consumers. Edelweiss has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.