Heirloom Modernization Service

Heirloom Modernization allows you to build upon a legacy by restoring, modifying or complimenting jewelry you own and cherish.

The design process is completely free. We'll listen to your ideas and inspirations and then provide different options for you to consider.

Get started by emailing Ryan to set up a time to chat. Feel free to include any details or images regarding your project.

An Heirloom Reimagined

"Jack created this beautiful ring using my mother's engagement ring (who recently passed away), my engagement ring and an additional gem from Edelweiss. I love it and love carrying her memory in my heart and also on my hand everyday. Jack loved the whole process as he had total input into the creation of the piece. It was easy and time-saving and he found the quality and service to be superior to previous retail experiences."

- Mary, 2018 Heirloom Modernization Project

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