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Why fall in love with Edelweiss?

    • High Quality, Best Prices - Edelweiss offers the same high quality and craftsmanship as luxury retailers, but at lower prices due to no retail offices, low overhead, and fair prices.
    • Industry Experts - Edelweiss has a collective 50+ years of experience in creating and selling high end engagement rings and jewelry.
    • World Class Support - This is a modern buying experience that connects you to the creative process of your jewelry.
    • Edelweiss offers 100% custom, handmade engagement rings crafted by master jewelers for prices that are significantly lower than high-end retailers like Cartier and Tiffany & Co. 
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Edelweiss vs. Online Discount Retailers

  • Better Quality - Online discount retailers offer cut rate prices for low quality casting jewelry. Edelweiss offers the highest quality for average prices.
  • Better Craftsmanship - Online discount retailers sell rings made by the thousands through the use of casting molds. Edelweiss handcrafts each one of a kind ring.
  • Better Experience - Online discount retailers offer limited customer service with little or no expert design services like those offered at Edelweiss.

Edelweiss vs. Luxury Retailers

  • Equal Quality - Luxury retailers source the same quality and use the same master jewelers as Edelweiss.
  • Better Prices - Edelweiss and luxury retailers offer the same high quality and craftsmanship, but Edelweiss has lower prices due to no retail offices, low overhead, and fair prices.
  • Better Experience - Edelweiss is easier, more approachable, and more transparent. Your personalized Edelweiss Specialist guides you through the design and buying process each step of the way.

Can I return my engagement ring?

  • Yes. Edelweiss engagement rings can be returned for store credit up to 30 days after purchase.

What are the important things to consider when buying a ring?

  • Edelweiss understands you want something that is high quality, looks great, and fits your budget. Edelweiss gives you what truly matters to get maximum quality without over paying.
  • Quality - Since Edelweiss only sells "very good" or "excellent" cut stones, color and clarity are the two most important factors in determining the quality of your Edelweiss diamond. Edelweiss recommends F to J color and VVS to S1 clarity diamonds for reasons stated in the Diamond Guide. Note: all of our diamonds are G.I.A. certified and sourced conflict free.
  • Budget - Quality and size determine your budget the most.  The higher the quality and the larger the size, the more rare and more expensive the diamond becomes.
  • Design - Personal preference, but there are classical elements that make a diamond ring stand out and become timeless. Work with your Edelweiss Specialist to refine your design for our master jewelers to handcraft.

I am concerned about buying a conflict diamond? How do I know what I am getting?

  • Edelweiss only sources G.I.A. certified, conflict-free diamonds from reputable sources.
  • The Gemological Institute of America maintains a global archive of certified diamonds to ensure that owners of G.I.A. certified stones know that their diamonds are real and not a product of criminal activity.

Does Edelweiss make other types of jewelry?

  • Yes, Edelweiss makes custom milestone jewelry of all kinds. Whether it's an anniversary, newborn child, or birthday, Edelweiss can handcraft a one of a kind jewel perfect for your special occasion. Edelweiss can source high quality colored gemstones in addition to diamonds. Visit the gem encyclopedia here!

What can I expect from the "Edelweiss Journey?"

  • The Edelweiss Journey is the process of designing, crafting and finishing your one of a kind jewel. Edelweiss engagement rings are delivered with handmade, proposal-ready packaging.
  • Visit the Learn More page for a detailed description of each step.

How do I know the custom ring will come out the way I want?

  • Edelweiss provides the necessary communication, examples and pre-production renderings that will give you the confidence to move forward with this important purchase. Visit the Learn More page for more information on the Edelweiss sketches and renderings.

How long does it take to get an Edelweiss ring?

  • Less than a month. Once you’ve decided on your ring and paid, Edelweiss crafts and delivers your ring in 3 weeks.
    Edelweiss delivers custom jewelry within 3 weeks barring any delays in workshop production and/or shipping. As a result, the 3-week turnaround is an expectation and not a guarantee.

How do I determine the correct finger size?

  • Find a close friend of your future fiance who can covertly find out her finger size.
  • Find a ring of hers that fits one of your fingers and then go to a jeweler to size that finger.
  • If the sizing is not perfect upon delivery, then Edelweiss recommends you use your local jeweler to resize the ring and tell them it's a handmade, custom ring. If you do not have a local jeweler, your Edelweiss Specialist will direct you to someone who can help. If you are in New York City, reach out to your Edelweiss Specialist for our preferred maintenance services.

How do I clean my ring?

  • Edelweiss recommends you visit your local jeweler every 6 months for cleaning.
  • If you prefer to brighten up your ring yourself, your Edelweiss Specialist will guide you through the process.

How do I get my ring repaired?

  • Edelweiss recommends you visit your local jeweler for any repairs that come up.
  • If you can’t find one, reach out to your Edelweiss Specialist to learn more about how Edelweiss can help you with repairs.

How do I buy insurance?

  • Edelweiss provides guidance on the insurance page.
  • Rest assured, your Edelweiss Specialist will help you secure insurance so you are protected before the engagement ring even arrives.

Do you offer wedding bands and can they match the engagement ring?

  • Yes! Edelweiss offers custom wedding bands tailored to match your engagement ring.
  • Edelweiss also offers wedding bands for men that come in platinum, yellow gold, white gold and silver.

What are your payment options?

  • Edelweiss accepts all major credit cards, apple pay, and ACH bank payments
  • Edelweiss will source the materials and craft your ring once full payment is received.

Where do I start?