Diamond Guide


What is it? Color is the visible color of the diamond. The most sought after diamonds are those that exhibit no color i.e. "colorless" or "near colorless" on the G.I.A. Certificate.


Edelweiss Recommends: F to I Color

Edelweiss recommends purchasing diamonds that range from F to I in color grade to strike the best balance of size and quality. Diamonds outside the Edelweiss color range are significantly more expensive without a commensurate increase in quality. Diamonds below this range display a noticeable hue.


What is it? Clarity is the measure of impurities and imperfections in the diamond. The clarity grade of a diamond is based on how many imperfections lie in the stone.


Edelweiss Recommends: SI1 to VVS1 Clarity

Edelweiss recommends buying stones that fall between "SI1" to "VVS1" to strike the best balance of size and quality. Diamonds outside of this range are either unnecessarily perfect or noticeably flawed.


What is it? the cut of a diamond refers to how well it has been crafted from a rough diamond into a faceted gemstone. Cut grading by the G.I.A. takes into account symmetry and proportions.


Edelweiss Recommends: Very Good to Excellent 

Diamond cuts are graded on a scale from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Poor’. These terms reference how symmetrical and consistent the diamond is. Very Good or Excellent cut diamonds show a certain vibrancy and liveliness that is absent in diamonds graded "good" and below.

Carat Weight

What is it? A carat is a unit of weight management used for gemstones. It is not to be confused with gold purity, which uses the word "karat."


Edelweiss Recommends: 1.0+ carats

If you don't know what size diamond you want, you should decide how much you want to spend and see what Edelweiss suggests as the best possible option within that budget. If you have an idea of a size you want to stay above, Edelweiss will suggest the price point necessary to secure a stone of acceptable quality in the size you want.

Diamond Shape

What is it? Diamond shape describes the geometric nature of the gemstone. Edelweiss typically sells traditional shapes like rounds, ovals, emerald-cuts and cushion cuts.


Edelweiss Recommends: Emerald-cut, Round, Oval

If you value the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond, a round, oval or cushion makes sense. If you value clarity and straight lines, you should consider an emerald-cut diamond.

G.I.A. Certified

What is it? All of the natural diamonds Edelweiss sells are certified by the Gemological Institute of America, the foremost diamond authority in the world. G.I.A. certified diamonds ensure the quality and authenticity of each diamond thus protecting the consumer from known conflict diamonds, counterfeits, and stolen merchandise.