Design Advantage

Giving customers the ability to acquire exactly what they want

Edelweiss: made by you, for you

"Tell us what you're looking for and we'll sketch it out and see what you think."
- Edelweiss

Unlimited design potential

Ability to create a story behind the jewelry

Design specialists guide your inspirations into great designs

Master craftsman produce stunning jewelry by hand

The Others: Made by them, for many

"All of these options have been carefully selected to sell to our target market."
- The Competition

X Pre-made, limited options

X Not-personal, many owners of same design

X Opaque and awkward sales experience

X Mass-produced machine-made jewelry is typical

What We Design

 Tailored Classic designs: Simple is great. Let's make it perfect.

Bespoke designs from the ground up: we can create anything you want.

 Modernized heirlooms: Build off a family's legacy

The Importance of Design Freedom

  • There is an emotional benefit to building something with a story. Not only will the jewelry be exceptional on its own, but it will carry a story with extra meaning that enhances the value of the jewelry now and into the future.
  • Our experienced craftsmen can weigh in on your design and respond to ideas and offer suggestions to make sure you get exactly what you want.
  • Edelweiss takes great care in modernizing heirloom gemstones and jewelry. Whether you are remaking a piece, using a loose gemstone, or making a slight tweak, Edelweiss jewelers know how to enhance the legacy of a family heirloom.

Happy Customers

World class quality with an honest and transparent process.