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Edelweiss Custom Jewelry

Work with Edelweiss to access endless possibilities in joining art, elements and skill, without the extravagant price tag. Via our simple, customer-focused process, we’ll introduce you to superlative quality and unmatched customer service typically reserved for only the most affluent clientele, such as celebrities and royalty.

Edelweiss collaborates with you completely online, providing unrivaled convenience, access, and privacy at far lower prices. Expect an exceptional experience assured by our 30-day money back guarantee, unprecedented in the custom jewelry industry.

Indulge in exceptional, wearable pieces of art as singular as you are

Through our digital “design dashboard,” we offer an unlimited number of prototypes, creative flexibility, transparency, and pressure-free shopping experience. Take full control of the production process; we’ll provide support on your terms, inspiring a unique level of trust and confidence.

Whether you’re interested in tweaking an existing design or crafting a signature piece from scratch, Edelweiss provides an enduring commitment to service, meticulous craftsmanship, and exquisite jewels at significant savings over our peers in the high jewelry industry.

Engagement Rings

Specializing in what’s often your first important jewelry investment, we’ll create a timeless expression of love for the one who has captured your heart. Incorporating new, ethically sourced gems, heirloom stones, and/or existing materials, Edelweiss will assist you in adding personal significance to a handmade piece to be treasured forever.

Wedding Bands

Traditional or contemporary? Bejeweled or bare? Intricate or simple? Our extensive experience in crafting a myriad of wedding band designs allows us to deliver the perfect rings for your ceremony.

Bespoke Jewelry

We invite you to consult with our artisans to create jewelry that is meaningful, transcendent, and exclusive. Reward life’s achievements, celebrate new beginnings, and toast significant moments with bespoke jewelry from Edelweiss.

Heirlooms, Reimagined

Sadly, many family heirloom jewelry pieces are underappreciated. Edelweiss’ artisans can help you preserve your family legacy by suggesting new options to repurpose old jewelry, and collaborating with you to create new designs, conveniently and affordably.

It takes just weeks to unleash your creativity, develop a one-of-a-kind design, build, and deliver your masterpiece. The result is a meaningful, affordable, custom creation simply not available at any Fifth Avenue boutique.