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Our Mission

Inspired by the Edelweiss tradition, we aspire to make unique luxury jewelry approachable, fun, and affordable.

  • Long ago, suitors journeyed high within the Alps to find rare edelweiss flowers to present as tokens of their true devotion.
  • Today, we present similar treasures to you. An extraordinary jewelry piece holds value beyond gems and metals; it represents a milestone in your life story. Edelweiss partners with you to commemorate life’s special moments.


Easy to Use – Simple.

Work with experts by uploading inspiration, reviewing designs, and purchasing online.

High Quality – Foundational.

Create jewelry with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship the world can offer.

Exceptional Price – Affordable.

By removing the costs of having a retail store with inventory, we can offer the highest quality jewelry at 30% less than our luxury jewelry competitors.

Expert Design – Unlimited.

We are not limited by inventory. Edelweiss experts will work with you to create a timeless and perfect design.

Risk Free – Trusted.

Purchase with confidence with our 30 day money back guarantee, free shipping, and free cleanings, repairs, and resizings.

Our Model

Direct-to-consumer platform that makes it easy to purchase high-end custom jewelry for the lowest price.

Sourcing Standards

Ethical — Sustainably — Affordable
  • We believe jewelry can be made both ethically and sustainably. That is why we only source high quality natural and lab-grown gemstones that come from reputable suppliers who provide certified, ethical and sustainable products.
  • We also offer the option to use family heirloom gemstones in your custom jewelry projects, lowering your cost and reducing the environmental damage.

Your Jewelry Team

  • A full team of experts available to you at wholesale prices via our direct to consumer model

Jewelry Experts

Our founder, Ryan Karolak is a 10-year veteran in the high jewelry industry with extensive experience creating jewelry for royalty, celebrities, high-end auction houses, and luxury brands. Driven by the lack of access to the world’s best resources and craftsmen, he pursued an MBA at New York University to learn how to offer the highest-quality jewelry to the masses via an affordable and accessible model. In creating Edelweiss in 2017, Ryan leveraged cutting-edge technology to develop a direct-to-consumer model that seamlessly meets clients' needs and expectations. He personally selected each Edelweiss team member to assure the highest level of customer service, innovation, collaboration, and long-lasting client relationships.

Master Jewelers

Led by expert craftsman Alex Yarnikh, our team of award winning master jewelers are true artists in the craft, making Edelweiss the envy of the industry. Many have a lifelong passion for jewelry, and began honing their skills by mimicking famous designs from prestigious collections such as the House of Ramonov and House of Windsor. Today, in the world’s jewelry-making hub of New York City, their work is routinely seen on red carpets, at royal weddings, in exclusive auctions, and at luxury boutiques. Edelweiss not only brings their exceptional talents to you, it does so at a steep discount compared to other jewelers the world over.

Master Designers

Selected for their outstanding design achievements and experience in world-class programs like the GIA Institute, our master designers offer consumers endless choice in creating bespoke jewelry. Whether it's refining a timeless classic, or innovating and pushing the boundaries of conventional design, they deftly collaborate with you to craft a unique, meaningful piece that lasts a lifetime. And, via our unique online tool, our designers effortlessly breathe life into our clients’ concepts and/or visions, regardless of where they are in the world.

Customers Love Us

“I loved a Tiffany’s ring, but Tiffany’s could not make the customizations I wanted and were always outside my budget. So, I uploaded the Tiffany’s ring and described what I wanted and Edelweiss delivered the perfect design within my budget.”

— Chris G. & Anna H. New York, New York USA
fell in love with my ring instantly, but so did my friends. My friends and I all have similar designs, but its clear that I did not go to Blue Nile or James Allen like they did. The Edelweiss ring looks like art comparatively!”
Susan H. & Dave C.
Atlanta, Ga. USA
“My mother passed away and I inherited her engagement ring. I knew when I wanted to propose I wanted to use this ring. Most of the jewelers I went to would not accept working on an heirloom piece. Once I got in touch with Edelweiss everything changed. I worked with them on designs as I traveled for work and was able to build on our families legacy with a one of a kind engagement ring. Thanks Edelweiss!”
Steven S. & Katie H.
Chicago, Il. USA
“I was looking at 3ct diamond rings. I knew quality mattered, but I was dismayed looking for rings that fit my budget at well known luxury brands. I uploaded what I wanted to Edelweiss and within a few days I received three design options that fit my budget. They helped me get my dream ring!”
Greg J. & Tina Y.
San Francisco, Ca. USA