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"I want to offer a place where sophisticated customers can engage with jewelry professionals to create something extraordinary and specific to their life and love story. The Edelweiss platform was designed with the future in mind. The jewelry industry needs to become more customer-centric instead of customer-targeted. The reason the industry is ripe for change is because jewelry manufacturers are forced to sell a mediocre product for a high price to support their costly real estate and large marketing budgets. Edelweiss Jewelry strips away this traditional structure and provides a lean, customer-focused platform that actually places the customer closer to the creative process than what you get when you walk into a retail jewelry store. Edelweiss is an online jewelry salon and design studio where anything is possible."

- Co-Founder, Edelweiss Jewelry

The engagement ring and fine jewelry industry is broken.

The industry delivers mediocre quality, off the shelf products at outrageous mark-ups. 

The Edelweiss Journey is Different.

Our step-by-step design plan allows you to build your dream jewelry from scratch. Partner with a specialist who will provide you with hand drawn sketches, digital renderings and insider prices. Our master jeweler will deliver the highest quality, at a fraction of the cost. 

The Edelweiss flower is a time-tested token of devotion and commitment

Legend goes that long ago, suitors from Switzerland would climb high into the Alps to retrieve rare Edelweiss flowers for their lovers. Similar to an engagement ring, an Edelweiss Flower is a token of devotion and commitment. The trip to retrieve the Edelweiss stood for audaciousness and selflessness.

"Possession of an Edelweiss flower is proof of unusual daring."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Ryan Karolak

Ryan Karolak spent a decade selling museum-quality jewelry to international collectors and developed an understanding of what exceptional jewelry really is. With 10+ years of supplier and high-end jeweler relationships, Ryan partnered with John Olsen to build a model that allows Edelweiss to sell the highest quality custom jewelry at exceptional prices.

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